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Originally Posted by PhantomJB93 View Post
I really don't understand this. Division is still within reach, the Rats are about to run into a brick wall. Even if they get past us this week, they have to play the red-hot Giants and Broncos, and the Redskins aren't too shabby either right now (I think we matched up better against them than Baltimore does). Could easily lose next 4 games in a row (not that I think they will but at some point their luck will run out).

I'm not worried about losing a grasp on the WC. We still play Cincy once more and they're the only real team that scares me. San Diego is 4-7 and doesn't really strike me as a team about to rally back and claim a spot, and we play them in two weeks too. And does anybody REALLY think the Dolphins or Titans are about to sneak up behind us?

Obviously if Ben doesn't come back, or comes back ineffective, or re-injures himself, this is a moot point. But everything looks positive as far as his injury goes and I think he'll be back this week.
Well said.
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