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Default Re: Draft based on...?

I think the reason why some are calling for D Line help is because we a) don't get to see McClendon play except in brief spurts, and he flashes ability to be starter but we don't know for sure b) our secondary is so bad that it prevents more blitzes and they don't give d line and LBs time to get to QB. We have spent a lot of top picks on this position and I think we need to finally address the two most important positions that we have neglected...OT and CB. I think if we had a true shutdown corner or close to one, that it would solve many of our problems on D.

Looking at this draft it looks pretty strong on the lines, so Left Tackle would be my choice. I take this over CB because we need Ben healthy. Can you imagine how good Ben would be if he had time? We've never seen it, not once in all the time he has been here. Even in his first couple of years with the best line he played behind, they were aging and injury prone. I am just so sick of seeing him hurt, running for his life, and not being able to run a simple play action pass because by the time he sets his feet the defenders are in his lap.



We NEED to have at least a stud LT or CB if we want to get back to winning divisions and going to SBs
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