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Default Re: Official Browns post game, Steelers suck, vent in this thread

I've read this entire thread and must say a few things:

1) Our entire defense is awesome! We know Ike can't catch, that's why he plays defense.
2) Batch did not play a good game. He looked "old and slow". A receiver commented this week that he makes tight spirals; not today.
3) Wallace is really not making the effort needed to get the big bucks
4) Rainey only dropped the ball because he got hurt. He did great on the TD! He really doesn't belong in the NFL, though. He looks like a "puny human" on a field full of Hulks.
5) The running game was horrible, but give some credit to the Browns' defense.
6) We lost 2 more O Linemen today. We may get 2 more back in a couple of weeks.
7) Tomlin is still a good coach, but needs to step up his game a bit and breath some fire
8) Heath and Manny really brought their A-game and prove their worth. Sanders is getting the long-term contract at the end of this season.
9) Foote had a fumble recovery before the 2-minute warning that the refs completely blew it on (worst non-call all season)
and finally
10) The Steelers are not eliminated from the playoffs at all!!!!
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