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Default Re: Official Browns post game, Steelers suck, vent in this thread

Originally Posted by Blackout View Post
See this is exactly what I'm talking about, alot of hyperbole.

Our QB is out, same with our top draft prospect at guard, Adams got injured, Mendy and Redman coming off injuries, Dwyer not playing consistently but I think alot of the problem with our RBs is Tomlin's methodology. Read Tony's new thread. Plus Brown and Cotchery are out, and we are using our 3rd string QB.

What happened today can only meet expectations going into this game. Plus we had a bad game offensively, it happens. If we had everyone healthy an they performed like that, yeah you could make comments almost like you did.
No it goes beyond that.......That Offense looked like they slept for an entire week and someone woke them them up abruptly and threw em out onto the field with no clue

When you turn it over 8 freaking times, theres something more there. This was bad for even a team like an offensively challenged Jets whose QB gets knocked out and fumbles by his Center's Ass


An give me a break with the spoiled crap.....This wasn't just the1st game they looked clueless out there.....Believe Me I could cope with it a lot better too if we were just dropped to 8-3 instead of 6-5

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