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Default Re: Go Baltimore...

We are tied with the fucking BENGALS and are 4 games down against Baltimore and people still think winning the division is within reach? LOL. Just LOL.

You know what Baltimore is good at that Pittsburgh is not? Closing out games. They know how to win, and they win for a reason. That's why they are 9-2.

We are currently dead last in seeding, with a few teams knocking on the door, and some more tough games coming up.

Baltimore - no explanation necessary. They are flat out a better football team, and we play them in Baltimore. Do the math.

San Diego - definitely not a gimmie. They have a ton of issues, but their record definitely doesn't indicate their ability right now. They have had some close losses to good teams.

Dallas - It's in Dallas and they have a healthy team. They are also fighting HARD for a playoff spot.

Cincinnati - they are currently laying waste to teams. This will not be an easy game. Not at all.

Cleveland - they already beat us once, and they fucking hate us. Expect a team playing their heart out. Again.
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