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Default Re: Controlling our own destiny

Originally Posted by ETL View Post
If you look at the ebbs and flows of a season, this is a good time to have a dip. Teams that have recently won Super Bowls have had season lows and highs. ( Giants and Packers)

I submit that teams such as the Falcons and Texans have peaked too early and will fold in the playoffs and not make the Super Bowl.

I would also argue that a healthy Ben is much more important than an almost win against the Ravens in Baltimore. If this upcoming game was in Pittsburgh, then I could see us go for it with injured players. Unless Ben is 100% healthy, I would sit him this week. (Also with Antonio Brown and Polamalu)
I apologize to everyone that I ripped into yesterday - talk about U_G_L_Y. I just can't stay optimistic with a performance like that. Yesterday's game speaks volumes about the discipline and focus of the rest of the play makers on the O. Emmanuel Sanders was the only guy that showed up. We have zero leaders on offense outside of Ben (and Brown by example). Hell, Plax contributed more to the game than Wallace has in the past two by drawing the PI. We will still need a group of backs next season - so I'm not up for getting rid of Redman - Mendy can't go away soon enough for me - he is entering Wallace territory with his ho-humness.

I don't even care about watching next week's game after yesterday - what a waste of time it will be at this rate. I will really start to second guess Tomlin and co if they force the issue with putting Ben back in there. Haven't they learned anything from last season against 49ers? I think we would have all rather taken 11-5 or 10-6 than 12-4 with a gimpy behind center come playoffs. Let Ben rest for another week - its not worth it.

My overall feeling is that the Steelers need to bring in some training and conditioning consultants - this will be two to three seasons in a row (and i think I'm being conservative in my estimate) that this team just can't keep people on the field.

Can we just start praying for 10-6 with a healthy squad entering in the playoffs now? The divisional talk needs to stop altogether, as does hoping to have Ben back next week. Why would anyone want that at this point? Also - how about a new WR from the draft? Anything is more enjoyable than going on and on about the current state.
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