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Default Re: Controlling our own destiny

Originally Posted by maddog78 View Post
Cincy is 6-5 and has won three straight blowouts while the Steelers are reeling and piling up injuries They, as the Steelers do, have five AFC losses.

They can still go 10-6 even with a loss to us, so 9-7 may not be enough for the Steelers.
We need some sort of miracle for this week - its gonna get ugly - and you better believe they still feel they have something to prove after barely beating us with our backup. They want to humiliate us even more - it doesn't help they are more galvanized after the 4th and 29 play Rice pulled out of his ass. "Ray Rice is coming off the block into the flat - gee whiz - whaddya think is gonna happen de derp?"

Insanity or In-sahn-naha-teh
is what the the Iro-quois used
meaning "severe personnel problems".
Look it up. No? No, I'm right.
Agree to disagree.
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