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Default Re: Controlling our own destiny

Originally Posted by ETL View Post
If you look at the ebbs and flows of a season, this is a good time to have a dip. Teams that have recently won Super Bowls have had season lows and highs. ( Giants and Packers)

I submit that teams such as the Falcons and Texans have peaked too early and will fold in the playoffs and not make the Super Bowl.

I would also argue that a healthy Ben is much more important than an almost win against the Ravens in Baltimore. If this upcoming game was in Pittsburgh, then I could see us go for it with injured players. Unless Ben is 100% healthy, I would sit him this week. (Also with Antonio Brown and Polamalu)
I salute your positive attitude and Steeler loyalty which are rare commodities in these forums. We have to realize that it may not be enough to make the wildcard. At least as the sixth seed. We'd face all road games, and probably have to go through "Clarkless" Denver in the process. I realize we did it in 2005, but wow, could lightning strike twice?? The point I'm getting to is that by winning out, we probably guarantee the fifth seed which would grant the potential of at least one home playoff game, and get the Raven buckaboo off our back. Truly, if we were to win this week, the confidence surge heading into the final part of the season could be eye opening.
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