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Default Re: Ask a RB how friendly "players coach" Tomlin is...

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
after his 2nd fumble, as the announcer said, he knew to immediately go to the sideline, without even looking at Tomlin

We need another leader on offense outside of Ben - one that WANTS the ball, and WANTS to be the guy to help carry the team. We have one in AB, but we need someone with that fire at the RB position.
You know I wanted to mention this only on suspicion. I have nothing else to go by other than that. None of these running backs seem like they WANT the ball. I remember being disappointed when Runthenfall was hurt and Dwyer seemed to shy away from being the starting RB. I don't remember what he said exactly but something to the effect he was ready to give the job back to Runthenfall when he was healthy. I thought Dwyer was going to seize his opportunity, but it doesn't seem that way. Plus the controversy of him coming out after two plays.

Everyone has been concerned with the QB situation, now RB is in that mix.

Speaking of WANTING the ball, Wallace needs to step up and be a difference maker when his O is struggling.
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