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Default Re: Ask a RB how friendly "players coach" Tomlin is...

Originally Posted by lardlad View Post
You know I wanted to mention this only on suspicion. I have nothing else to go by other than that. None of these running backs seem like they WANT the ball. I remember being disappointed when Runthenfall was hurt and Dwyer seemed to shy away from being the starting RB. I don't remember what he said exactly but something to the effect he was ready to give the job back to Runthenfall when he was healthy. I thought Dwyer was going to seize his opportunity, but it doesn't seem that way. Plus the controversy of him coming out after two plays.

Everyone has been concerned with the QB situation, now RB is in that mix.

Speaking of WANTING the ball, Wallace needs to step up and be a difference maker when his O is struggling.
Wallace is a fraud... he's a one trick pony. Once the league learned how to defend his deep speed he had nothing else to offer....either that or he lost a step? It all means he's no longer relevant in the world of NFL WR's. Thank goodness we did not give him a contract extension. He's playing for a contract right now and that's not enough for him to take it up a notch... also consider the fact he has terrible hands. IMO it appears that he's not putting in the work. Unless he's injured why else would his production drop off a cliff like it has? (since last season)

As for Tomlin being a hard ass... I'm not buying it... sure he's tough on guys for fumbling... he pulls them out of games & might even bench them for a few - no matter if it's bad for the TEAM or not. ... how tough is he in practice? How hard does he make them work to get better? How hard to the players have to work to sharpen their ability to run plays? Watching the way we ran screens for the last several years I can't believe they work that least not on screens. it was painful to watch for many years...yet we'd still run them. This year seems to be better...but sloppiness is showing up in different ways.

I've heard that the practices are much easier then the Bill Cowher days... but someone else is saying his training camp is tough? I don't know... but I've watched Tomlin enough to think he is in fact a players coach. I think most people believe that.

If Tomlin is tough maybe he needs to take the mussel off Coach Haley and let him coach like he wants to.... you know damn well Haley wanted to tear the asshole right out of his players for that display yesterday.

This season is yet another epic fail by coach Tomlin. How does a team with Superbowl aspirations come up this short? Just like 2009... we can't beat the worst of teams due to lack of focus or preparation by the coaching staff and the players. I seriously think Tomlin will be coaching to keep his job next year. I can't believe the Rooney's will tolerate anything less after this debacle of a season.
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