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Default Re: Ask a RB how friendly "players coach" Tomlin is...

Originally Posted by madtowndrunkard View Post
You really think the Rooney's would give Tomlin 3 failing seasons in a row with this roster?...with a HOF QB? God I hope not. I hope we don't have to find that out.

HUGE difference between Cowher and pointed out the most obvious fact. Also worth mentioning... In Cowher's first 6 years..he won the division 5 X, 3 AFCC appearances, and a SB. What makes it impressive is the situation he took on. VERY different then what Tomlin took over... with the QB situation...I think Cowher earned the right to have a few bad seasons... everyone knew the talent he had wasn't good. Tomlin's situation is completely different. No way has he earned the right to deliver 3 bad seasons in a row... 2011 was a fail... 2012 is not looking good...if we don't win a playoff game this year..and next year..he's gotta be gone.

Frankly I don't see it happening... this is a QB league..and with Ben on the roster and a good would take some seriously bad coaching to not win with that. Even if this season is a failure..I don't think it happens 3 years in a row.
Somehow, Tomlin is having to deal with a LOT more injuries - I think that is the equalizer. I think you might agree with me that Steeler Nation would be expecting wins if Ben is in there, regardless of who else is out. Green Bay proved you can win with a decimated roster.
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