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Default Re: Official Browns post game, Steelers suck, vent in this thread

The game wasn't televised in my area, so I didn't get to see any of it, other than the final play when they cut to that. However, I had the Score Mobile app set to send me alerts for turnovers, points, red zone, etc. I was out shopping and it seemed every time that it notified me, it was for a turnover. It was a damn shame, but the Defense or the Browns' offense kept us in the game until the end.

I had high hopes for Batch considering how he has performed for us in the past. All 4 RBs were a huge let down on the stat sheet. I'm not sure what this team can do to keep afloat until Ben gets back. At this point, I don't want to make the playoffs unless we return to health by then. I don't want a repeat of the Denver game last year. I'd rather the team not make the playoffs, than make the playoffs and be knocked out in an embarrassing fashion. Just my .02 cents, and I'm done dwelling on this and looking toward the Ravens.
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