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Default Re: Ask a RB how friendly "players coach" Tomlin is...

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
This season is yet another epic fail by coach Tomlin. How does a team with Superbowl aspirations come up this short? Just like 2009... we can't beat the worst of teams due to lack of focus or preparation by the coaching staff and the players. I seriously think Tomlin will be coaching to keep his job next year. I can't believe the Rooney's will tolerate anything less after this debacle of a season.

Jeebus, can't we keep things in perspective? One bad season, and few rough games, and we are back on the "Tomlin fighting for his job" train?

2007: 10-6, DIV title, playoffs

2008: 12-4, SB Ring #6, DIV title, epic defense

2009: 9-7, no playoffs (uh-oh, Cowher NEVER had that happen to him after winning a SB)

2010: 12-4, SB loss, DIV title

2011: 12-4, playoffs

2012: 6-5 and still counting...

Tomlin's not going anywhere.....
Tomlin, plays a bright man in the movies. During the games are his reality. He looks clueless EVEN when the team is winning. Ala, the time management etc.
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