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Default Re: Can Rainey Play in the NFL? more thing... I alluded to this in another comment, but I'd like to add a little more to my thoughts on Mr. Rainey: He's getting a lot of shit (some perhaps deserved), but of the all the bumbling and fumbling running backs that are paid a lot of money to win, it was the "wimpy little rookie running back" (who's "obviously not-ready-for-the-NFL") who fought tooth and nail for a much needed TD. And I'm honestly not convinced our other backs would have scored had they been handed the same play. In an attempt to impose their will on the Brown's D, it seems as though Rainey was tasked with running straight up the middle and, you know, hope for the best.

This wasn't going to work - the Browns weren't budging - at all. Rainey probably should have been tackled far short of the goal...but he wasn't. Evidently sensing the doomed nature of the route he was given, Rainey basically said "Uh, yeah...screw this..." and instead of getting tackled, he seemingly retreated from the line - a move which must have confounded the Browns linemen (it certainly confounded me!). Rainey showed his potential when he capitalized on this confusion, and against all odds, there was a mad dash to the left...and the next thing I knew, we had a touchdown. He literally made something from what should have been absolutely squat: proof that the kid has definitely been blessed with, if nothing else, a natural ability to think very quickly on his feet.

Not bad for an undersized rookie. I say give him time to grow. Let's see what the kid is made of - where his strengths lie. Rainey appears to be very sharp, mentally...he's reasonably fast...and is capable of improvising: all attributes that could (if properly developed and used in the right context) make him a legitimate threat.
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