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Default One trick pony.... it again.

I am tired of Mike Wallace. I have been trying to make all the standard fan mental excuses and rationalizing keeping him around, but I cannot any longer.

Folks keep saying we need him, 'he opens things up for Antonio Brown'. Sorry, but I think it is the exact opposite.

In the last two weeks without Brown, I have seen ZILCH from Wallace. Opposing defenses no longer fear him in the deep passing game-- they know that if the ball is not right on his hands, he will just watch it hit the ground or let it get intercepted. There is no second effort from him at all.

He cannot run an intermediate route or catch the ball to save his life. Against the Bengals, he dropped 4 very catchable balls, and left 14 points on the field by himself. Yesterday, he watched a very catchable ball bounce off his hands right into the waiting hands of a Browns defender.

I understand the frustrations of being a WR when a backup QB is playing. But elite players will gladly sacfrifice their highlight reel for a week to make the needed plays to help their team get the win (aka Hines Ward/Antonio Brown), while guys like Mike Wallace will only make a lackluster, Randy Moss-like, half-hearted effort to go after the less than perfectly thrown passes.

As a WR, if it hits your hands-- YOU SHOULD HAVE CAUGHT IT! No excuses.

He is hurting this offense in much the same way as Randy Moss hurts teams now. All those drops and half-azzed efforts could have been big plays or TDs if the ball were given to other players with more desire. Guys like Wallace and Randy Moss take touches away from players who will get us the win.

I am NOT blaming the entire loss on him (the 6 fumbles by RBs deserves a thread of its own), but a sure share of the losses this season can be blamed on Wallace.

If he converts even a couple of those stupid drops into catches, we win at least two more games this year that we lost close.
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