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Originally Posted by tburhans View Post
1. Matt Elam-SS-Florida-This guy is Ryan Clark 2.0
2.Khaseem Greene-OLB-Rutgers-Tackling Machine
3.Baccari Rambo-FS-Georgia
4.Le'Veon Bell-RB-Michigan State-After yesterday we need help here
5.Collin Klein-QB-Kansas State-He could go higher but hes a project
6.Anthony Rashad White-DT-Michigan State-Competition for McClendon and Ta'amu
7.Alec Lemon-WR-Syracuse- Great receiver who goes under the radar

Rambo is my favorite prospect ...

1st ... wouldn't be mad... but the thing is this is a deep safety class ... look at guys like Phillip Thomas from Fresno State or Rashad Hall from Clemson ... can be had around the 4th and your still getting the same caliber player

2nd... I like Khassem... I would rather Gerald Hodges though here but I wouldn't be mad with Khassem

3rd... Favorite Prospect ... I doubt he's here but I want to take him whatever round just make sure you get him

4th... Yeah the RBs fumbled but I don't think it's reason to worry ... plus RBs are a dime a dozen...get somebody in FA if you must

5th ,,, don't really love it but I understand ...

6th ... Can't be mad and can do worse

7th... Love it!!

Phillip Thomas [YOUTUBE]2rNtHJjGX3U[/YOUTUBE]
I really like this guy ... Him and Rambo would be perfect
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