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Default Re: Tomlin's another Dave Wannstedt

Originally Posted by Killer View Post
He does have a high standard for incompetence

Here is the revised order of Mike Tomlin's five worst regular-season losses (today's loss replaced '07 Jets debacle):

5. "Batch of Turnovers" Nov. 25, 2012, 20-14 at Browns -- Steelers commit eight (8) turnovers, including three interceptions from third-string QB Charlie Batch and one lost fumble from each of their top four running backs in a historically hideous performance that shall live in infamy. Browns improve to 3-8.

4. "Abomination by the Bay" Sept. 23, 2012, 34-31 at Oakland -- Steelers fumble away a 10-point fourth-quarter lead against a battered and brutally bad Raiders team that was coming off a blowout loss to Miami (and would be destroyed by Denver in its next game). Steelers manage all of one (1) sack on Carson Palmer's 34 attempts. Defense so embarrassingly bad that Tomlin justified in going for it deep in own territory in tie game.

3. "Music City Monstrosity" Oct. 11, 2012, 26-23, at Tennessee -- Pitted against a defense on pace to give up the most points in NFL history, the Steelers score early on an 82-yard pass to Mike Wallace and never attempt another deep ball. Ziggy Hood registers zero (0) tackles (and zero assists). Ike Taylor gives up eight receptions and commits three penalties. Tennessee, led by 72-year-old backup QB Matt Hasselbeck, hadn't scored on a drive of 80 yards or more all season, but, sure enough, launches an 11-play, 80-yard TD march in 4th. Steelers defense so utterly disorganized that it accidentally rushes only two (2) players on a 3rd-and-10 on Titans' winning field-goal drive.

2. "Bruce Almighty" Dec. 6, 2009, 27-24 vs. Oakland -- Two words: Bruce. Gradkowski. He throws for 308 yards and three touchdowns -- ALL IN THE FOURTH QUARTER -- against a hapless and Troy-less Steelers secondary. The loss is the second of three historically humiliating defeats that will complete Tomlin's "Unleash Hell" trilogy, topped only by ...

1. "Bruce Not Mighty" Dec. 10, 2009, at Cleveland -- Bruce Arians figures it's a swell idea to try 32 passes in a wind storm against a 2-11 team. Steelers go open backfield on third-and-1. Ben is sacked eight (8) times. Brady Quinn goes 6 for 19 for 90 yards yet leaves the field a winner. All of Cleveland rejoices, for this is the closest they will get to a Super Bowl. Until Nov. 25, 2012, of course.
You could be a professional satirist. That was as funny as it was sad.
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