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Default Re: Official Browns post game, Steelers suck, vent in this thread

Just to lift the mood here a little bit, I just want to remind everyone that for as bad as the Browns have traditionally been, I watched in shock as they nearly defeated the universally favored Cowboys last week - the game went into OT, and had the Browns D not let their guard down in the last minute of the final quarter, they might have won. Instead, it went fairly deep into OT before the mighty Cowboys kicked the game winning FG.

Still, at the end of the first half, the Browns were up 10-0 over the Cowboys - as it went into halftime, the statistics came in and as it turns out, those first two quarters were (offensively and defensively) the worst that they'd played in 5 years. Not bad - although they began to rapidly falter in the 2nd half, they made the Cowboys look like total n00bs. And in their own stadium no less!

The point is - the Browns may "suck", and they might be the least experienced/youngest team in the NFL, and even though they lose a lot of games, they've had some pretty good games. Although they can't seem to play for a full 60 minutes, when they're in sync, they actually play a lot better than their record would indicate. There were times where I found myself impressed with their performance against the Cowboys - I wasn't even going to watch the game, but the stunned look on Romo's face during that first half was well worth the price of admission. The announcers later speculated that if the Browns would only figure out how to finish out games, they'd probably be a half-decent team. Besides, young teams with bad records and no hope of getting to the playoffs have nothing to lose...making them the perfect example of the kind of team I irrationally fear!

And while I don't necessarily hate the Browns (I usually just pity them!), couldn't they have learned to win against another team - like, maybe the Cowboys when they had the chance?? Did it have to be against us!?? lol
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