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Default Re: Ask a RB how friendly "players coach" Tomlin is...

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
their assholes are puckered tighter than a snare drum. i think tomlin is using fear as motivation with this unit and it obviously isnt working.

they all seem to be out there running and fighting for their jobs and careers, rather than for their teammates and wins.

honestly, none of them seem to be the personality types to respond to that except for maybe redman and rainey.

either way, they are all pressing.

tomlins philosophy is smashmouth and to "run the wheels off" RB's. just ask fast willie parker, whos wheels came off as an small, overused RB w/o the benefit of a FB or top 10 OL talent as he tried to ride out his career in Pgh.

he strikes me as a hard ass. others think he is too friendly, but must not remember "camp tomlin".

mike wallace was one of the leagues budding superstars, but i cant remember any productive young player who had their ass ridden harder than his. meanwhile dez bryant is living in the lap of luxory in dallas.

tomlin obviously seems to favor veterans he feels he can trust.
Holy shit!

I never thought I'd say this, but I actually AGREE with you!

(OK now I have to lay down for a while...)
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