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Default Re: Lets go CHARGERS!!!

Originally Posted by steelerchad View Post
OK. So where do you think the ball should have been spotted and then respotted after the review. It was originally spotted right on the 33. Then respotted back a little more than 1/2 yard as the entire football was inside the 34.

I don't give a shit where the marker is, Rice didn't even make it to the 34 and he needed to for a first.
I don't know exactly where the ball should have been spotted, and I don't know exactly where the official first down marker was either. And if you really wanted to step aside from your biases and give it an honest look, you'd realize that you don't know either.

What I do know is that there is at least a half a yard, probably more difference between the unofficial yellow line the TV production crews provide and the unofficial orange yard marker you can see on the far side of the field. Even if you accept the unofficial yard marker as the official first down, it is hardly clear that Rice didn't make the first down. IN THE IMAGE I POSTED, THE UNOFFICIAL ORANGE MARKER ON THE FAR SIDE OF THE FIELD IS CLOSER TO THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE THAN THE 34 YARD LINE. You are talking what, 30 inches from the 35 yard line? And we are going from Rice's knee until the nose of the ball, how far is that exactly? Yeah. You know for sure, right?

All I am saying is man that was close. I don't know that he got it. What I do know is that - no matter how hard you protest and how much it may hurt your feelings - you don't know that he didn't get it. Got it?

PS: Sorry for the caps, just wanted to drive home what I thought was the most important point really.

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