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Default Why? WHY the same backups?

Batch - "old, slow, and done"
Leftwhich - Awful

To those going against Jerrod Johnson in the preseason: Why? You see what we got going now? I'd take a rookie right now rather than these 2 deadheads.

Ben is the leader to allow this team to win and if he goes down "OMG, SEASON OVER!!"

Excuse me, but that's bullshit. I remember the Pack without Rodgers scoring 40+ points with their backup. We shouldn't be expecting to lose just because our star guy is out, yet the rest of the Offense has the talents to go the distance.

Does anyone really have confidence that either of these backups can carry the team? I sure the hell don't, and every time we lose Ben's it's between these two old men who both lack enough skill to help the team.

We have these talented WRs and RBs that can't do anything because the guys throwing to them are weak.

How long have these guys been our backups? Either Batch, Leftwhich, or BOTH even NEED TO GO!

But I guess 8 turnover speaks exactly to the tune of why this team can't win. But of all teams, against the filthy CLEVELAND BROWNS?? Why?? Dear god.

You know, it's pretty painful going to school within 30 miles of C town after a loss like this. I'm not gonna hear the end of it when I return to school tomorrow.

Way to go. This offense keeps this intolerable garbage up and Ben doesn't come back soon we are certainly done for the season. What a joke.

Win, loss, or tie; Steeler faithful till I die!
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