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Default Re: Lets go CHARGERS!!!

Originally Posted by i82much View Post
First - neither of us knows where the near side official orange marker is. So we are not going to settle this even if we agree on the math.

Second, I am not saying the exact spot was correct - I am saying that it is plausible (not not certain, not necessarily even likely - plausible) that he got the first down.

Do we at least agree that the unofficial marker on the far side of the field is closer to the line of scrimmage than the 34 yard line? If so, and we assume that's the official marker for the sake of discussion ...

Do we also agree that only the tip of the ball needs to get to to the official yard marker?

Now say Rice's knee is 3 inches closer to the line of scrimmage than the 35. And the marker is 6 inches closer to the line of scrimmage than the 34. That's 33 inches, right?

From Rice's knee to the tip of the ball couldn't possibly be 33 inches?
33 inches is feasable (even though I think he needed a little more than that) if he was laid out when the knee was down, but the original TV replays clearly showed he didn't sprawl out until after the knee hit. Hip or thigh to chest, not even close. You won't convince me and I won't convince you, so leave it at that.
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