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Default Re: Draft based on...?

Originally Posted by NSMaster56 View Post
Actually, my initial thought on the upcoming draft was because I look at this team and think, 'damn. They could be 8-3 or better barring a few breaks. What minor tweaks are neccessary to make sure this crap doesn't happen again?'

On one hand I want to believe that a Dennis Dixon or Jerrod Johnson could have TCB the last two weeks, but on the other an old reliable like a Bus or Fast Willie probably could have helped serve as an offensive work horse and run Burgh to W's.

Then on the last hands it's like, well... the D has been pretty stellar, but they're not in their primes and the O Line is never healthy...

It's easy to say that the Steelers need to protect Big Ben, but if it were that easy then injuries would never happen and we wouldn't ever have this discussion. And hard as goody-goody-dell may try, the NFL isn't going to switch to flags or two-hand touch soon, so it's all a moot point.

So what's the backup plan? In case of shit hitting fan, how can the Steelers win without player/gameplan X?

And since the Steelers are not FA players, the draft seems to be the only route.

Please forgive any 'shark jumping'.
No need to explain, brother.

I watch college football, and when I do, I like to "project" who I'd like the Steelers to draft. It is a natural thing to do. I know that the Steelers need a safety or two, and thus, I have even watching the safeties (I like Matt Elam). Same goes with the LBs.

Now, if we were predicting/discussing "top ten" players (Manti Te'o, Star Lotulelei), then people could say that we are giving up on the season. But, we are discussing players who will likely be there at 32 & 64 (John Jenkins, Matt Elam), and thus, we are not giving up on this season; we are loading up for next season.
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