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Default Re: Should Ben play hurt against the Ravens?

It depends how hurt he is. If the rib injury is as healed as reports say and isn't a factor, and he can throw well enough through the shoulder pain, why not. If the rib is still a factor and could result in serious further injury, then no.

It's obvious Ben is the key to this season, and if he can play without risking TOO much further injury, I think he should, and he will. The rib is the one that is potentially career-ending and all recent reports say it's no risk anymore, although I don't know how much truth there is to that. I don't think his shoulder is going to be 100% again this season, and if it is it will probably be too late by that point. I'm no doctor but I don't think playing with that injured shoulder is going to mess him up beyond the immediate future. It might restrict some of his throws but I'll take that trade-off over throwing Batch or Hoyer out there many more times.

In short I'd take an 80% Ben over resting him for the season as long as there's no serious risk of damaging him beyond this season.
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