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Default Re: Are you ****ing kidding me?

Originally Posted by sloppyjoe View Post
can the tomlin supports tell me what he does to make him a top 5 coach?

[I posted this in one of the other twenty or so "Fire Tomlin" threads, but I never seem to get any answers. I'll try again, since you asked.]

I have a question for all of those who despise Tomlin.

Let's assume that Cowher is the better coach (I don't think he is better than Tomlin, but that is not the point of this post). Let's assume that Cowher is better... and go from there.

Cowher is better.
He is retired.
The Steelers need to hire someone... so, if it is not Tomlin, then with whom would you replace him?

Before you answer Nick Saban (or some other college coach), name the last college coach who was successful in the NFL. (My guess is that your answer will be Jimmy Johnson... who is an anomaly.) Sure, Jim Harbaugh has turned his team around, but he has ZERO championships. And, he is winning with "Singletary's guys"... right? So... who...??

If you want a coordinator... again I ask: Who???

The fact is, that even if Cowher was better, he is retired, and SOMEONE has to coach the Steelers.

Heck, you can have any coach in the NFL... who would you take over Tomlin: Belichick? Coughlin? But, even both of those are maybes, because just like Tomlin, neither of them won without an elite QB (number of SuperBowls for those coaches prior to Brady & Eli: ZERO).

Cowher was better. He is retired. And, so are Mel Blount & Rod Woodson.

Think about that analogy. Ike Taylor is no where near as good as Blount or Woodson... but, Ike has been pretty darn good. Who else would you have rather have had for the past nine seasons? Tillman... Asomugha... someone else?

In other words, maybe there are a few better coaches in the league, but then again, maybe there aren't.

More importantly, the past is the past... and has nothing to do with the present. Cowher was a better coach... so was Lombardi... and, so was Paul Brown. So, what exactly does that have to do with any current coach?
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