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Default Re: Playoff probabilities

Originally Posted by AndyWitmyer View Post
At this point, I give the Steelers a slim chance to get into the playoffs. Even when some of our injured players get back on the field, this team would still be a hot mess. The lack of stability...the lack of conditioning...the lack of consistent play...I'm not saying its impossible, but I'm just saying...I'm not going to bet my 401k on the chance that the this might snatch a 6th seed opportunity. Still...stranger things have happened!

And even if this season ends up being a failure...I'll always love the Steelers...records and playoffs be damned!
If the Steelers go 3-2 and beat Cincy in the process, it will be difficult to miss the playoffs. Are you saying they can't even go 3-2 with Ben back?

AB is coming back, too, so is Troy eventually.

Weather the storm.
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