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Default Re: Playoff probabilities

Originally Posted by AndyWitmyer View Post
Someone posted some sort of statistical record showing that since 2000, this team fails to make it to the playoffs like what...once every three years? I'm too lazy to look up the pattern, but it seems to work like clockwork. If the pattern holds, this year will end up will see a Steelers team sitting at home during the playoffs. Coincidence or not - It's certainly looking like that's going to be the case!
2001, 2002 playoffs, 2003 out. 2004, 2005 playoffs, 2006 out. 2007, 2008 playoffs, 2009 out. 2010, 2011 playoffs,

2012 ?

Not a big believer in trends like this when there is so much turnover. Hampton is the only Steeler left from 2001.
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