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Default Re: How to replace Mendenhall....

Originally Posted by Darkstorm05 View Post
His wheels fall off at about 15-19 carries a game. That's why he keeps taking himself out. He's not a solution. Neither is Redman, Batch, or Rainey. We need to either draft a new #1 RB, or trade for one. Out of the other 3 left, 2 need to go.
This. 1000 times this.

Dwyer and Redman are incapable of completing an entire drive. They always gas out and have to go to the sidelines. They also are not that fast. Ever seen Redman or Dwyer break away and burn the defense down field? Yeah, probably not going to happen.

We need a featured back. Someone that can go hard for a long time and doesn't have to sit down constantly. I really can't stand the way we cycle our backs in and out. No one is ever going to get into a groove.

I say we cut Mendenhall, Redman, and Rainey and keep Dwyer as a backup for now. Look to draft a feature back in April, or sign someone off FA.

We need a Gore/Lynch/Rice-caliber player.
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