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Default Re: Need help. Questions about Chargers/Steelers game on Dec 9..

Originally Posted by lektrix View Post
So the Steelers should destroy the Chargers then =)! I've watched games here and there on TV so I could only imagine how exciting it would be to watch it in person. All we have is the shitty CFL here in Toronto. Wooo we just won the Grey Cup! Hahahahaha who cares right?

Right now I think I see a good deal on 2 tickets for Section 123, Row AA for $98 each compared to the upper 500s for $80 each. Can anyone advise me if Section 123 is good or bad? Can anyone confirm that AA is actually mid-top (between A and LL)? I want to be able to see the action when it's at the opposite endzone. Gun to your head, would you choose Section 123 or Section 500s?

Yes we are driving from Toronto for 4-5 hours. We haven't decided where to stay yet but it's either going to be around the Greentree area, Downtown, or Stadium area. I still can't figure out which option is cheaper, faster, and more efficient. If I could subway for cheap and fast to avoid driving, I would. But if the drive is a no brainer, I'd drive. Someone help me make the decisions lol.
123 is OK. Rows start with A-Z, then go AA-LL. These are high which is what you want in the lower level. You want high in the lowers and low in the uppers.
They are actually my least favorite seats as I'd rather be sideline in a low row of the upper deck. The issue is you can see the action as it goes away from you and crosses mid field. You end up watching the game on the jumbo tron.

What night are you getting the hotel. If Sunday night, you're in luck. Cheap hotels downtown. Saturday will be expensive.

Greentree sucks. I did it for the Monday night game a couple of weeks ago. 4 mile cab takes about 1/2 hour with traffic. Good luck finding a cab after the game. Took us 1 1/2 hours after the game to catch a cab at the casino.

Downtown, you can subway or even take about a mile walk if you're up to it.
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