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Default Re: Should Ben play hurt against the Ravens?

If he can play, let him. Our QB situation is dire.
Dr. said it's more about pain tolerance than risking serious injury. So if he can go he should.
This isn't last year, where we were jockying for position. If we lose this + 1 more to Cincy we could be out, then we'd have saved him for nothing.

Of course if he can't make the throws and is in too much pain sit him. But Ben at 75% is better than any option we currently have. Baltimore can be beaten with Ben. They didn't show much in our game. I expect them to play better. But our offense is anemic without Ben and was very good with him.

If it's one thing the Cleveland loss did, it invalidated the Baltimore win against us. It showed them to be the fraud they are. They are a decent team, but are not up to the caliber of last years team. They missed their opportunity last year. They will go quietly in the playoffs. There isn't any team in the NFL we could have beaten with our offense the last 2 weeks.
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