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Default Re: Lets go CHARGERS!!!

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Great - you beat the Chargers after beating the Steelers playing without a QB - made your reservations for New Orleans?

Good luck in January if the Ravens need to win a road game (or play Pittsburgh with a healthy Roethlisberger)
And this has been the argument of everyone all season, yet the Ravens are still 9-2 with the second best record in the NFL. Strange.

Maybe we are just a really ugly football team, but at the end of the day, the Ravens win. And really that is all that matters.

Ben was fine in Denver, Oakland, and Tennessee if I recall... what happened there? No one thinks Flacco is any good on this site, so why can't the Steelers beat the Ravens or even Cleveland without Ben? Batch wasn't your problem last weekend. He only turned it over 3 times. 5 other guys helped to lose that one too.....
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