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Default Re: Lets go CHARGERS!!!

Originally Posted by SteelCurtain5643 View Post
Peyton Manning happend in Denver and it was also week 1 big FUCKING shit. As for the other 2, the defense failed to show up, especially against Oakland. The Ravens win because they have so much luck it isnt even funny. Your QB took a shot with a stupid dump off pass on 4th and fucking forever and got LUCKY. There is no way your 9-2 record reflects at all on your teams true performace. If you or any Ravens fan thinks you guys rightfully deserve to be 9-2 thats hilarious. We'll see how good you guys really are down the stretch when you have to play us, denver, giants washington and cinci the next 5 weeks.
I look forward to it. Seeing as how we already blew out Cincy and beat the Steelers.

As for the 4th and 29, you seem to think that was Flacco's play. It was Rice. Flacco dumped it to him. Maybe dumb. But then Rice made it a 29 yard run. That's the sign of good things happening with the TEAM. Not one player. Flacco's not the greatest. I'll admit it. But the team wins or loses. Not one player. Just ask Trent Dilfer.

And because "the defense failed to show up" that somehow makes the Steelers a better team? Isn't that 50% of the game?

All I know is that 9 times this year, when the clock says 0, the Ravens have had more points than the other team. They don't draw pictures in the win loss column. The Ravens are "lucky" The Steelers "found a way to win" It's all about perspective.

See you in Baltimore in a week. If the Steelers are really as great as you say and the Ravens are as bad.... shouldn't even be a contest. Of course that is what the whole NFL world though last weekend in Cleveland. Batch had his hand in that loss, but the whole team was terrible. 5 fumbles? Sounds like a SB caliber team to me.
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