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Default Re: Need help. Questions about Chargers/Steelers game on Dec 9..

Originally Posted by steelerchad View Post
Here's what you do.
If not tailgating and you're staying downtown no need to drive to the stadium. Stadium parking passes range from $40 for Blue to over $100 for Gold. Plus you'll be right in all the traffic after the game.

If you're staying downtown. Ask the hotel if you can leave your car parked until after the game, even if you have to pay a little extra and walk or take the subway to the northshore. Probably steel plaza T line subway stop. Take it to PNC or Heinz Field stop. PNC is closer to the bars and it lets you off between the 2 stadiums.

If you can't leave your car. Then take it over to 6th st garage at the corner of 6th St. at the Clemente Bridge. Park your car there for $5 during the game. Walk over the bridge and you're at PNC. Bout a 15 minute walk. 1/2 mile.

If you go to the strip, go early have breakfast and then head over and park by 11 or so. You do not want to be waiting until 12:30 or you will be in for traffic and it will take you forever to get in.
NFL searches everyone entering now. I'd head in at 12. Check out the great hall and trophies. There is a band playing in stadium in that area. It's relatively warm on the concourse. Go to your seats 10 minutes before kickoff. Stay warm.
Thanks for the suggestion,. If we get ready and check out at 9AM on Sunday, do you think we have time to hit the Strip for ~2 hours for brunch before heading over to the stadium around 11:30-12? I'm hoping we can find parking somewhere close by for cheap by 11:30-11:45 and walk to the stadium by 12.
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