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Default Re: Mendenhall demoted Wallace close, too

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
Well, we have thrown deep (or even semi-deep) to Wallace a number of times this year, but the fact is we haven't connected on them like we usually have done.
Chalk that up to either Wallace not doing a stellar effort on the route and also he's been both underthrown and overthrown a few times as well - certainly more than normal.

I've actually wondered both if he's not a great fit-in anymore or if the team is actually not looking his way as much as they have in the past (a passive form of "punishment"??) when they could have.
Whatever it is - you're right - he most certainly won't be back next year but it will be interesting to see where he ends up. I have a hunch he could end up with one of the California teams.
I have a hard time believing that Ben would pass up throwing it deep if Wallace was open, as a form of punishment. The coaches may want to punish him, but Ben is too competitive to give up an opportunity like that.
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