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Default Re: Ben is throwing now, but Batch will start against the Ravens

Originally Posted by Buddha Bus View Post
And Hoyer knows about the same about our offense. We need to remember that we just picked him up off the scrap heap last week. This isn't Brett Favre we're talking about here.

He is an emergency only QB at this juncture to go into a game and hand the ball off if called upon. He isn't going to be turned loose to bomb NFL secondaries back to the stone age. If he were a young QB who had been on our practice squad all year, maybe I see your point, but he is getting a crash course right now and will fail mightily if called on to pass us to a win.
I'd take the scrap heap over Batch right now. Hoyer showed during his tenure with the Patriots he can hit 10 - 15 yard balls accurately, something our entire offense is built around. Even if he hits Heath and Brown all day on the underneath routes, it's more of an offensive threat than Charlie's elderly arm trying to throw it down to Wallace and getting it picked off.
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