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Default Re: Ben is throwing now, but Batch will start against the Ravens

Originally Posted by tanda10506 View Post
The argument for Batch is that he USUALLY doesn't make mistakes, but he sure isn't the same Charlie Batch that stepped in during Ben's 2010 suspension. Here's the way I see it, we are no longer in competition with Baltimore, we are a wild card team, so as much as I'd like to see Ben rushed back, I rather see him healthy for the final 4 games so that we can AND WILL win all of them and be the #5 seed. If Ben can play at nearly 90% then I'd play him, we'd likely win provided the defense played as well as they did against the Ravens the first time. But in the long run beating Baltimore means nothing unless they really collapse. This is the area of the season where we are playing for the big picture and they are playing to only beat us, so it may happen, but I see us being just fine going in as a wild card team with a healthy Ben and a loss in Baltimore.

If Ben's healthy we'll see them in the playoffs anyway, and kick their ass in their own house. This time they won't have the "long flight home from Pittsburgh" to wipe away the tears, so there own fans will get to see them cry in person for once....ah the joys of being a Steeler fan,

Back to the situation at hand though, I say if Hoyer has a mildly competent understanding of the playbook then play him. What do we have to lose, Batch isn't going to win anyway and if Ben plays hurt he's going to stuggle like last year in SF (not that bad but you get the idea). Play Hoyer and lets see if he can keep us in the game and make a few plays. Miller and Burress are big targets and should eat up the middle on the 27th ranked Ray Lewis-less defense. Miller had a good game even though Batch missed him on a few, and that's because a large route runner on a short pass generally results in an easier through for the QB, I didn't understand why "slick hands" Mike Wallace was left in all game and Burress wasn't used as a more reliable weapon. Wallace is a better WR at this point when his head is in the game, but when your using a backup QB it's all about making it easier on them. And large veteran targets do just that. And if we run Dwyer and Dwyer only then we will get a running game going. RB's need to get in a rhythm and Rainey is the perfect contrast for the occasional change of pace, so no more RB by committee nonsense. Colon and Dwyer are the differences in the run game IMO, and they will both be starting Sunday. The only way Hoyer could be worse is if he had 4 INT's, so it's not like we're taking a big risk, Besides, if Beachum is out at RT then our backup QB will end up hurt anyway. I wasn't aware that Gilbert's injury was so severe. Any update on either of them?
I agree with pretty much everything you said.

Although old Charlie wasn't 100% responsible for losing the Browns game, he sure as shit wasn't able to do anything to get us back in it. His interceptions in the 2nd half could have been picked by high school DB's.

I say start Batch, and if we are shitting the bed by the half, bring in Hoyer. Nothing left to lose at that point.
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