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Default Re: Antonio Brown overrated

Originally Posted by steeltheone View Post
I honestly believe a team with a franchise QB and especially one in Haley's system will generate numbers regardless.

I don't want to " dump on AB" I like him and I believe he is good and will get better and better. I just see everybody ragging on Wallace, when this group as a hole has been good but not great.
I can agree - there is always room for improvement - I would still argue that Wallace's contributions have been minimal. Teams were starting to double Brown over Wallace and Wallace still can't get open. Wallace needs to prove that this speed is more of an asset than it has been. I really hope Wallace ends the season well upon Ben's return - for his sake. I will be shocked if he is here - and I'm not sure I want him if I see the same effort. Why keep him around when that is like having one less WR on the field?

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