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Default Re: Antonio Brown overrated

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
we'll get another one in this year's draft IMO - they might be a half step slower than Wallace, but with better hands - which is far more valuable

I dump on Wallace because he has SOOOO much potential. He could scorch the Steelers receiving and TD record if he dropped the attitude and became a student of the game, making sure his fundamentals and effort were at the top of his list, letting his play dictate the contract instead of hopin and wishin cause what he he did compared to other receivers. They could have kicked him to the curb already - but they didnt. He is blowing his last chance.
I agree with you. He has the potential to be great. In any sport; there is always one term. "You can't teach speed". Man; we know he has it. But when you have a cement block as a brain; what can you do. Instead of sulking and playing like a pissed off shit head; he should have shown what he is really worth. But you got to ask; the guys in a contract year; do you really believe he's that stupid to be playing this poorly because he's ticked off with the steelers. I don't buy it. He is who he is. What you see on the field is Mike Wallace. He is absolutely no student of the game or he would have flourished like Brown and now Sanders are doing.
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