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Default Re: Earth to Steeler Nation - we are 8-3 if Ben doesn't get hurt

Originally Posted by tanda10506 View Post
The team didn't have their shit together yet. We beat the Giants in their house and the refs spotted them 14 points. Also, if Ben plays well or Hoyer is given a chance and can just move the ball, we'll beat Baltimore in Baltimore. We'll also have a road test in Dallas which I think we will pass.

The worst case scenario would be playing 3 out of 4 games in either Baltimore, NE, Denver, or Houston. If there is not an upset then we will have to play 3 of those teams. But I'm going to stand by what I said after the Giants game, this defense is back and the offense will find a way to win. I'm not going to say this defense is up to 2008 standards, but I go by the eye test more then anything. Last years I test told me that we were the #1 defense cause we played nothing but poor teams, this years eye test shows me the spirit of Joey Porter is back in the hearts of a few of these guys, especially Ike and Timmons, and it's all about heart. Ward never caught a pass cause of speed, Miller never made a block due to his size, Harrison didn't get around guys twice his size because of nothing, it's all because of heart! We're playing with it, they just need to play with it in the games like Cleveland and Cincy too. I know it's more exciting to play certain teams at certain times, but every game is a playoff game starting vs SD.
for what it's worth your post just really fired me up - it reminds me of some of the interviews with Franco when he reflects on all of his SB winning teams. He always talks about the spirit of the Steelers and the city of Pittsburgh in general - and what happened to the way the team played and the way the fans supported them after the immaculate reception - it changed their fortunes and he said from that moment forward - there was a spark within himself and his teammates and that they wouldn't be denied. He always said they talked about will and that no matter what - they weren't going to be denied. Noll even said after they won their third that they hadn't done anything and challenged them, bet them, they didn't have what it took to win four. Even after all the accolades of 1, 2,3, they still had that desire to do it again. I believe this team needs to get healthy, and then we have as great of a shot at it than anyone else. We have been hit with the injury plague the past two seasons. It is funny how the injuries are going to improve as the reg season comes down to the last 4 or 5 games. We need to be healthy along with that heart.

From what I've been reading - this defense is licking their chops, along with Ben, waiting for their chance with all hands on deck. I read on Harrison's face book page: "Not done. Not even close." These guys still want it, but we need to have some little injury prayers answered along the way. Here's hoping
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