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Default Re: Mendenhall demoted Wallace close, too

Steeltheone, how many time are you going to bring up that stupid argument about mendy having more yards and tds, he was the starter, i imagine he will have more yards, dwyer and redman have not been the starter for several years. This is the stupidest argument i have seen and you continually bring it up. If the other 2 are the starters the would have the numbers and not mendy.
Stats are great when taken out of context, aren't they? Of course a starter's stats are going to be better than a backup's. It's like the following scenarios.

Alex Smith has great numbers in San Fran over the last 2 years. They are much better than Kaepernick's numbers. Alex Smith should be the starter!

Colin Kaepernick has great numbers in San Fran over the last 2 weeks. They are much better than Smith's. Colin Kaepernick should be the starter!

2 different statements. Both true. Obviously, the one that started more games in both of those scenarios put up the better numbers.
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