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Default Re: Antonio Brown overrated

I seem to remember Suggs saying last year the one they were most worried about was Brown. Not Ben, not Wallace and not even Miller. Not saying he is better than anyone of those guys, but they schemed around shutting him down because he kills opponents on 3rd down. Sure he isn't the best receiver in the history of the NFL but he is by far the best on the Steelers roster right now.

I think what Steeler fans recognize with Brown is that he does all this with less talent than other receivers. He is quick but not fast, he is not tall, he isn't very physical, he does have good hands, but he plays with a lot of heart and will catch the ball anywhere. If the ball isn't right in Wallace's hands, he seems disinterested. At least that is the perception, right or wrong. These things won't show up in stats, that is where the gap is between his stats and his worth.

Besides that, I think the bad opinion of Wallace is more about disappointment than anything. I think people expected a whole lot more, and it is perceived (again right or wrong) that he is allowing talent to be wasted.
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