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Default Re: Players and coaches gone next year

Originally Posted by Terminator View Post
The defense MUST create more turnovers. That is killing us right now.

Our cornerbacks blew 3 interception "gimmies" in the Browns game. That is inexcusable.

Our freaking middle linebacker has the most interceptions on the team.

i absolutely agree with you. Of all the things going wrong.....the special teams playing like garbage, the penalties, this, that, etc.......i think this fact right here is THE single most over-looked thing on this team right now.
It's so mindboggling, i'm not even sure i can find the right words to use. We drop numerous gimme interceptions - and we dont' claw/poke/yank at the ball when tackling (like nearly every other team does - just watch the Patriots tackle - they try and strip the ball on every play). I can't believe this.
Numerous interceptions right in the hands that would have been complete game-changers. Someone better get a hold of this on the coaching staff - and quick - because you're right. Its absolutely KILLING us.

How sad is it when you only have faith that Timmons is capable of intercepting a pass?
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