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Default Re: Anyone Tailgating at the game in Baltimore Dec. 2nd?

from the sounds of it - you're gonna get razzed (at the least) all game long - for me, the constant interruption and annoying remarks for that amount of time is not worth the $$. I'd say you got a 50/50 shot of being called some names, and low to moderate chance of someone getting in your face and trying to start something

If you are going to be walking downtown a lot - maybe you want a coat to cover up your Steelers gear. I wouldn't do downtown Bmore with a lot of Steelers gear on for any long duration - especially if you aren't familiar and make a wrong turn. If someone starts whaling on you - the Bmore cops are gonna just tell you to not be such an idiot for "wearing that shit." Bmore is bigger than Pittsburgh - they got bigger fish to fry - so don't expect them to take your side in an altercation.

Depends on how thin your skin is or what you don't mind puttin up with. I'm a lifelong Steeler fan, but being in MD for a while now - I'm not stupid either. You're kinda askin for it.

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