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Default Re: Anyone Tailgating at the game in Baltimore Dec. 2nd?

I will apologize in advance for any trouble you have. I hate it when away fans are treated like crap. Yes, some good fun razzing is always expected, but people shouldn't be physical or assclowns. I know it happens in almost every stadium but it is just so stupid.

I'm not sure where you are sitting. My tickets are downstairs in the corner of the endzone and we have never had any trouble with any fans that acted like normal people. There was a Raiders fan in full silver skull mask all game a couple rows down trying to intimidate with his mask by staring at people, but no one really gave him any problems. His team of course was being blown out.

I'd say keep a good sense of humor no matter what happens, be nice and if something happens, text the event staff line. Those guys are really fast to get into the stands and fix problems. And I would say as long as your are not the one being the douche, they are going to haul away the other guy.

Hope you have fun. It's a great pre-game place with the Ravens walk (live band, huge TV screen with pregame or 1pm game playing, and a great stadium. Be sure to check out the Johnny U statue out front the stadium. I wouldn't go rub his shoe like the rest of the Ravens fans, but it's still pretty cool to see.

Good luck, have fun and don't be a douche. Hopefully the Ravens fans around you won't be a douche either.
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