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the steelers are a 1st class organization from the top on down. they always have one of the best coaches. colbert is a leaging GM in the league. omar kahn is perhaps the leagues best contract negotiator. the worlds leading expert on concussions and neuroscientist is their team physician consulted by the rest of the league and leagues worldwide. they have top of the line traing facilities. i mean hell they have the university of sports medecine at their disposal

there is absolutely NO indication that the steelers would half ass it and not put a premium on a training staff, look the other way and settle for second best. i thought steelerfans knew our team better.

but of course the fan's psychology NEEDs to find someone or something to blame for this-

83 Player Games Missed in 2012

David DeCastro 11

Sean Spence 11 (IR)

David Johnson 11 (IR)

Troy Polamalu 9

Rashard Mendenhall 7

Marcus Gilbert 6 (IR)

Stevenson Sylvester 6

Antonio Brown 3

James Harrison 3

Chris Carter 3 (IR)

Ben Roethlisberger 2

LaMarr Woodley 2

Isaac Redman 2

Ryan Clark 1

Maurkice Pouncey 1

Byron Leftwich 1

Jerricho Cotchery 1

Jonathan Dwyer 1

Brandon Johnson 1

Mike Adams 1

interesting were the comments on gilbert because that is the tongue in cheek conclusion the author of linked article comes up with-

Conclusion. It's all Marcus Gilbert's fault. Yep, that correct. I just wrote 1400 words and that is the best I got. You betcha. Here is the thing. Bad technique leads to getting beat. Getting beat leads to someone getting tackled. When Gilbert gets beat, someone is usually getting tackled on the back of someone's legs. Remember that kid in high school that the coach refused to put in unless you were losing by 50? The coach wasn't being an idiot, he knew that the kid would probably get three others hurt. At least. My conspiracy theory is that he's not really that hurt. The Steelers just refuse to put him on the field until camp next year.

As a matter of fact, I'm shocked Legursky was not on the injury report this week.

im not sure that isnt that far fetched, but then again, i beleive that gilbert is pretty much a turd who never has put in the extra work in the first place.
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