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it seems WE are losing players at a faster rate because steelers are predisposed to steelers information and news and simply dont pay attention to other teams (let alone the league as a whole) as closely.

as they say WE " live in a fishbowl.

our oh so knowledgable fans, who like to constantly crow and pat themselves on the back as being the MOST knowledgable, TOTALLY discount the fact that the steelers also play a more physical brand of football than the rest of the league, yet the same fans want to brag about our team being the toughest and the baddest, while the majority of other teams play a more finesse style.

joey porter called the colts out for that shit years ago in '05.

every team has gone through a stroke of bad luck at some point and time. some teams are just more lucky enough to have kurt warner or tom brady sitting on the bench when that time arrives.
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