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Default Re: Ben is throwing now, but Batch will start against the Ravens

Originally Posted by terpsnation View Post
I don't think it's a stretch at all to think that the Steelers end up with a better record than the Bengals. Let's look at their schedules:


@ Ravens
@ Cowboys

@ Chargers
@ Eagles
@ Steelers

With Ben out, I think the chances of the Steelers winning at Baltimore are relatively slim. That means that the Bengals will have to lose at least one game for the Steelers to end up with a better record. When Ben comes back, I don't see the Bengals going to Pittsburgh and winning. Steelers would then have a 2 - 0 record against the Bengals, and would win any tie scenario.

Looking at the other games - I can see the Steelers winning out (after the Ravens game). Chargers at home should be easy w/ Ben back - and I don't see them losing to the Cowboys or Browns.

W/ the Bengals, they could very possibly lose at the Chargers this week, then against the Ravens in Week 17.
It basically comes down to us having to win 3 of our next five with one of them being the Bengals game. If that happens, the Bengals would need to sweep their other 4 game or the Dolphins would have to win 5 in a row for us to miss the playoffs.
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