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Default Re: Antonio Brown overrated

Originally Posted by steeltheone View Post
Mike Wallace gets slaughtered on these boards and sometimes for good reason! But Browns stats are very average, and certainly not number 1 wideout numbers.

What? Are you kidding me? Mike Wallace doesn't run great routes; Mike Wallace doesn't have the sure hands like Brown or Sanders; Wallace isn't a complete WR like those two are. If anybody is overrated it's Wallace. Now, let me say this, if Wallace goes to a team like New England, Green Bay, Houston, or Chicago, he will possibly flourish. Why? They have a QB that's much more accurate throwing the deep ball, no knock on #7, he's just not that accurate, like it or not. But one thing is definitely for sure, Mike Wallace isn't worth $55M plus to be a #1 WR. Wallace is better suited to go to a team that's well established.
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