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Default Re: Earth to Steeler Nation - we are 8-3 if Ben doesn't get hurt

Originally Posted by Killer View Post
Holy fuck! You think our record might be better if Ben never got hurt?

What a genius!

WE don't control shit, and the last thing anybody needs right is some holier-than-thou pom-pom waving cheerleader hiking up his skirts, prancing around, and blowing smoke up everybody's ass.
Holier-than-thou? First of all, that is not the way my original post was intended to be at all. Telling me I'm wearing a skirt, mockingly saying I'm a "genius" and calling me a "pom-pom waving cheerleader" is also out-of-line.

I'm pointing out the obvious fact that seems to be lost on many fans who are hand-wringing over Tomlin, the fumble issues and everything else. It should come as no surprise to anyone that our season has fallen apart the last two games without our starting quarterback. Were he still playing, it is a very likely chance that we would be 8-3 and in the driver's seat for a possible first-round bye and at least one home playoff game. Unfortunately, and I know that "WE don't control shit," the case is that Ben got hurt and now we are in very unstable shape.

Take it easy, guy. I was only referring to the ridiculousness of every one losing their minds over every aspect of these two losses when they can both be solely whittled down to one single injury to our quarterback. Call me a cheerleader all you want, that is a fact.
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