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Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
it seems WE are losing players at a faster rate because steelers are predisposed to steelers information and news and simply dont pay attention to other teams (let alone the league as a whole) as closely.
How many other teams:

* Are missing their starting QB
* Missing their backup QB
* Missing 3 of 5 starting Olinemen
* Rotating between 4 different RBs because none of them can stay healthy for more than two weeks at a time
* Missing their best player on defense
* Missing their best WR
* Missing their best pass rusher
* Previously best pass rusher on a gimped up knee
* Lost their starting FB before the season started
* Missing their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks from this year's draft-- 3rd round pick's injury may be career-ending

I think the only team right now that even compares to us as far as injuries, is Philly, and they are struggling to even get single solitary win.

You can go ahead and look at this through whatever rosey glasses you are wearing, blame it on the players, blame it on the fans, whatever. Clearly, something is amiss in their training regimen.

If the players are not putting in the effort-- that is STILL a problem for training department to solve, as well as the coaches.

It is not just this year either. Did we ever have the same 5 Olinemen for two consectuvie games in the last 3 seasons? We have not had Woodley and Harrison in peak shape and on the field simultaneously since 2010.

After while you should start to see a pattern emerging.
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